Husmann Architecture

Celebrating 56 years of Service

Our Mission



Successful  development of every building program is primarily dependent upon the  selection of a competent architect. Throughout the firm’s history of  professional service, Husmann Architecture has accumulated the expertise  required for contemporary planning and the development of architectural  programs.  Clients who place diverse demands on the disciplines  responsible to the architect benefit from this depth of experience.  Whether a project requires a highly competitive speculative development,  the concise guidelines of a corporation, the dreams of the academician,  the flow of a production line, or the red tape of a government agency,  each challenge is handled effectively.   

You Can Expect



Rapid  response to individual client needs is paralleled by close involvement  of the principals. Our clients respond favorably to the strong working  relationship that begins with initial contact and continues through  design, production and successful completion of the project. Regardless  of the type of project, intense effort is applied to the financial  realities with the goal of achieving aesthetic and monetary balance.  These efforts are reinforced by the experienced use of negotiated,  competitively bid or construction management contracts.